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Podiatrists in Schaumburg, IL are professionally trained to treat many conditions relating to foot and ankle pain. Some common disorders we treat include:


Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis

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The Many Causes of Heel Pain.

Heel pain is one of the leading problems that causes patients to visit Dr. Steinberg. Heel pain is commonly traced to an inflammation on the bottom of the foot, but it can also be caused by a pinched nerve bone spur, or soft tissue or bone tumors. It is of the utmost importance to be evaluated by an expert podiatrist. Dr. Steinberg can evaluate your heel and arch pain, and may prescribe orthotics, or other conservative care to help alleviate the pain you are experiencing.

You get out of bed foot first, one foot at a time. If your heels hurt upon your first steps in the morning, you could have plantar fasciitis.

The Common Cause of Heel Pain

Overly collapsed arches, or arches that are too flexible, are the leading cause of heel pain. These biomechanical abnormalities cause increased stretching (stress) of the plantar fascia at its attachment to the heel. Walking or running in the wrong type shoes will also add to existing biomechanical problems.

When heel pain is caused by plantar fasciitis:

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the connective tissue that stretches from the base of the heel, crossing under the arch, to the point at which it inserts into the 5 toes. Plantar fasciitis is sometimes referred to “heel spur syndrome”, but you can have heel pain and not always have a spur. You get out of bed foot first, one foot at a time. If your heels hurt upon your first foot steps in the morning, you could have plantar fasciitis.

Most types of heel pain, once properly diagnosed, can be successfully treated with conservative measures, such as use of anti-inflammatory medications and ice packs, stretching exercises, orthotic devices, change in shoe style, and physical therapy. The longer heel pain is allowed to continue the longer treatment can take. When plantar fasciitis is really stubborn and resistant to conservative care, single treatment high energy shockwave therapy (like the sound waves used to break-up kidney stones) has been shown to provide long term relief in 95% of cases. (Low energy, multi-treatment shockwave has not been shown to provide long term relief.)

Part of our treatment plan is recommending specific model running and walking shoes. Dr. Steinberg, who is a runner himself, has an extensive knowledge of running and walking shoes.

Our treatment goal is to keep you healthy and active, and on your feet.

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